I’m a retired Veteran from the Canadian Armed Forces and retired government employee. Woodworking was originally a hobby, something I liked to dabble in but it was always something I wanted to do as a full time hobby. After over 40 years of doing the work-for-a-living thing, I now do woodworking full time. Lucky you!

In retirement, my wife and I have formed a woodworking team. I make things and she does all the finish sanding and finishing. Linda was a nurse in a former life…when she worked. She has a keen eye for detail and makes sure that the end product is sanded and finished perfectly.

As someone who pays close attention to detail, I find it important to let the beauty of the wood shine through. I am passionate about my work, my wife and I strive for perfection in these one of a kind pieces. You don’t just place an order and I go make it. We have a conversation so that you are confident that the project you receive from us is exactly what you wanted, envisioned.

I like to make unique pieces for my clients, whether for decoration or practical use. I can make charcuterie boards, wine racks, chess boards, tabletop and board game items, and much more.

I have recently expanded the shop by adding two CNC machines. My works now include engravings, plaques, and a variety of mandala designs.
If you would like to own a custom-made piece that I’ve mentioned, or have an idea for a project in your mind, please get in touch through the Contact Us or my Facebook page